Andy Moor’s name is firmly cemented as one of the most highly respected in the electronic dance music industry, proven by a career studded with numerous awards and accolades including a Grammy nomination for his remix of Delerium’s Angelicus in 2008, the titles of ‘Best Dance Record,’ at the International Dance Music Awards in 2006 and ‘Best Trance Producer’ and ‘Best Trance Track’ in 2004, persistently high rankings on the DJ Mag Top 100, and a vast and loyal following.

He holds a reputation of being one of the most ground-breaking and definitive artists in the genre and has succeeded in crafting his own signature sound. Moor pioneered several production techniques early in his career such as vocal chops and syncopated bass lines- techniques previously unheard of, but now commonly found within trance music. The iconic Andy Moor sound is one of the most distinct and recognizable in the scene and can best be described as finely tuned, beautiful melodic soundscapes floating above prominent, clever bass lines. Moor is best known for his own style of progressive trance, but to confine him to only one genre is a great injustice to his skill as a producer. For fifteen years, Moor has remained on the forefront of a rapidly evolving music scene. His style has evolved and proven to be multi-dimensional throughout his lengthy career, but he has always continued to produce with total integrity, creating music as a trance music fan for trance music fans .


A born musician, Andy Moor could play his first piano piece flawlessly at the age of 5 and continued on to master six more instruments by the age of 10. He spun his first record at 13, signed his first label release at 19, by 21 was playing crowds of tens of thousands and at 25 owned his own record label. A mixture of hard work, determination and raw unbridled talent catapulted Moor into the status of one of the most definitive and influential artists in dance music and his persistence and evolution ensures that he remains at the forefront.


Andy Moor’s catalogue extends far beyond that of his productions under his own name. Moor’s contributions to various acts brilliantly display his versatility as a producer. His addition to the legendary UK trance act Tilt (1999) resulted in the critically acclaimed ‘Explorer’ album, which received great praise from DJs to music fans alike.

He is one half of the iconic trance act ‘Whiteroom’ with Adam White, whose title track was commended by Armin Van Buuren and Above & Beyond as the best trance production of 2004 and in 2005 picked up ‘Best Production’ and ‘Best Trance Track’ at the Trance Awards.

Andy Moor’s infamous 2005 collaboration with Above & Beyond ‘Air For Life’ was one of the most highly supported tunes of the year. Named 2005’s ‘Tune Of The Year’ by listeners of Armin Van Buuren’s radio show A State Of Trance, it won ‘Best Underground Dance Track’ at the Miami Winter Music Conference, and won ‘Best Trance Track’ in 2006.

Moor is also one half of UK melodic progressive house act, Leama & Moor, whose 2006 album ‘Common Ground’ showcased a variety of styles in addition to a stellar remixing career, adding their touch to a huge diversity of names from Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne to Orbital, Tiesto, Brian Eno and Paul Oakenfold. Their unique, genre bending sound made them one of the most in demand remix teams of the time.

Andy Moor’s impressive catalogue of solo productions includes several tracks released under various aliases like Dub Disorder, Dwight van Man and Sworn.

2009 saw the release of Breaking the Silence Vol 1 on AVA/Armada to the delight of his fans.  The first in an ongoing series of beautifully crafted compilations that showcase Andys style and attention to detail, a true melodic tour of modern trance.

In July 2012, Andy Moor released his much-anticipated full-length debut solo artist album Zero Point One to much acclaim and rapturous reviews, from well-respected outlets like DJ Mag and Mixmag and a multitude of online media. Zero Point One features collaborations with renowned vocalists Meredith Call, Carrie Skipper, Sue McLaren and Betsie Larkin as well as highly respected producers Orkidea and Ashley Wallbridge. Zero Point One offers a spectrum of sounds from deep, mysterious ambient to melodic trance and vocal melodies, to break beats and heavy progressive beats; showcasing Andy Moor’s distinct yet versatile sound that truly crosses genres.

In September 2014 Andy Moor reunited with vocalist Betsie Larkin for yet another crowd-pleasing collaboration titled ‘Not Afraid’ following the massive success of their tune ‘Love Again’ from Zero Point One. Larkin’s uplifting vocals combined with euphoric melodies dancing above Moor’s signature clever and hard hitting bass lines culminate in a timeless anthem.

For the 100th release of his record label, AVA Recordings, Andy Moor collaborated with promising young talent Somna and vocalist Amy Kirkpatrick to create ‘One Thing About You’- a tune that dominated dance floors worldwide, topped the Beatport Trance Chart and served as the uncontested summer anthem of 2015. Moor also released a signature Eco Mix of the track to much acclaim.

Yet another massive success came in 2015 with Andy Moor’s emotional collaboration with highly respected uplifting trance mastermind RAM and the very talented vocalist Christina Novelli titled ‘All Gone,’ released on Armin Van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid Of 138?! label.

Andy Moor begun 2016 in a massive way with an explosive new tune titled ‘Resurrection.’ Moor masterfully uses his meticulously hand chopped vocal splices and a memorable melody that floats above his signature bass line to create a sound that is simultaneously reminiscent of the golden days of trance while still remaining current- proving that the signature Moor sound is truly timeless. Whilst receiving huge support from the world’s most well respected DJs, ‘Resurrection’ is setting the stage for an even bigger year ahead for Andy Moor.


Andy Moor’s unique and brilliant productions have resulted in a vast and loyal following worldwide and the

refore a busy touring schedule that takes him across continents, providing the soundtrack to a global dance floor. Over the years, Andy Moor has performed at an incredible range of events ranging from dark, intimate clubs to headlining massive festivals, playing

to hundreds of thousands of people.

Some recent highlights include his performances at some of the biggest festivals in the world – Tomorrowland in Belgium, A State of Trance in Guatemala City, and Southwest 4 in London and State Of Trance in Utrecht to name but a few.

Andy’s impeccable ability to read crowds and consistently deliver excellent and unpredictable sets, combined with the appeal of hearing their countless favorite Andy Moor tracks live means he has fans wo

rldwide clamouring for his return. Andy himself ensures that his DJ schedule is regularly spread across continents, ensuring his fans from all over the world get the opportunity to see him live.


Twice a month for the past nine years, Andy Moor has been hosting Moor Music- his radio show that promises and delivers only the best in trance and progressive. Under the motto of “Less talk, More Music,” Moor cuts the unnecessary and simply delivers quality tunes to a cult following. Moor Music aired its milestone 150th episode in the summer of 2015 to much acclaim and fanfare.


In early 2006, Andy Moor founded his very own record label- AVA Recordings; curating a collection of high quality melodic electronic dance music, featuring stellar, highly respected and diverse names like MatZo, Orkidea, Tritonal, Ashley Wallbridge, Lange, TyDi, Sunny Lax, Ben Nicky, SeanTyas, RAM and many more.

One of the things that truly sets AVA Recordings apart from other labels is its firm commitment to finding and supporting new artists and working closely with them to develop and nurture their talent- as evidenced by the highly successful AVA NuBreed EP series that showcases only fresh faces.

Andy’s first release of 2016 ‘Resurrection’ has topped charts all over the world, causing quite a stir and reiterating the evolution of Andy Moor as an artist whilst maintaining the integrity that has always been so evident.